Friday, February 20, 2015

Days Remembered

I continued to harvest revenue opportunities from the digitizing initiative by publishing The Sun's first photo book since 2001, Days Remembered: Iconic Baltimore Sun Photography. The main benefit of this book was not having to create or pay for any new content. Everything in the book was repurposed content.

 A holiday print ad for Days Remembered. Circa. 2012
Days Remembered was a great opportunity for us to use the wealth of The Sun's digital photo archive (previously an idol asset) and turn it into new revenue. DR was a ten-chapter book that covered the changing landscape of Baltimore and Maryland from the 1910's through to the 2010's.  Complete with an introduction, a dedication, chapter introductions, numerous photos and photo captions this 170-page paperback book covered a new decade.
DR was originally published as an item to celebrate The Sun's 175th anniversary. However, wildly successful and generating over $100k in revenue I was tasked to replicate its success again in 2013.
My responsibilities included:
  • P&L
  • Establishing deadlines
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Leading a team four individuals in multiple brainstorming sessions to conceive the book's theme
  • Research of material (i.e. photos and captions)
  • Selection of material (i.e. photos and captions)
  • Editing selected photos in PhotoShop per the designer's specifications
  • Working directly with a designer on the layout, design and cover design
  • Working with a copy editor to manage a proofreader
  • Selecting content to post on the Days Remembered landing page
  • Working with a web designer on the layout and design of the DR landing page
  • Working with the art department on the marketing and promotional content (i.e. print ads, online ads, emailed ads, social media)
  • Managed a clerk responsible for taking orders fulfilling them
  • Customer service
  • Sales and revenue tracking

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