Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Please Use Me in Your Ads

     Out of "Own The Moment" came our next campaign "See! I told you I used to be an athlete." Over time we found that most photo reprint requests were not for subjects like: streetcars, tug boats, Maryland landscapes, Baltimore Harbor, horse racing or the Chesapeake Bay. There is a licensing need and there are collectors for this type of subject matter, but most customers are simply interested in photos of themselves, their family members and their friends. 
     During this campaign I had people calling me and asking me to use their image in an ad. Sometimes they would provide the photographer's name, date published or caption, but most times I had to search for them, in the digital archives, with only minimal details. But these conversations would more times than not lead to a sale.
     I wanted to appeal to the demand of our customers so this campaign focused on individual subject matter. Here are 9 of the 17 ads from this campaign.

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